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Devolta a ativa, trago para vocês, a nova edição de Magic - Worldwake - tambem conhecido como Despertar do Mundo.
Seu pré release ocorre dia 29 e 30 de janeiro.
Seu release ocorre dia 5 de fevereiro.
Abaixo contem algumas informações sobre a edição:
Tema dos decks:

- 'Fangs of the Bloodchief' - monoblack
- 'Brute Force' - red/green
- 'Grapeshot' - red/white
- 'Mysterious Kingdom' - blue/green
- 'Hovering' - blue /white

Novo mecanismo:

* 'Multikicker', or 'Kicker without limits': Kicker costs that can be paid as many times as you want, provided you have the mana.
* 'Kird Ape-ish' creatures who gain something from controlling a specific basic land.
* Landfall returns.

Some blurbs, thanks to the French information and Quodo on the forums:

* The Quagmire Vampires have an ability called Multikick which makes them grow depending on how much mana you spend when casting them.
* Summit Great Ape, a 5/2 creature which has to be blocked by two or more creatures if you control a Mountain.
* The ability to untap your Forests on Bower Elf gives you all the mana you will need to feed to your multikick spells.
* Comet Storm, a red instant which deals as much damage as you want to any number of targets. You are only limited by the amount of mana you have.
* Kazuul, Cliff Tyrant, a brutal Ogre which punishes opponents attacking you by giving you 3/3 Ogre tokens unless they pay 3 for each attacking creature.
* Admonition Angel, a 6/6 flying creature which exiles a permanent each time a land comes onto the battlefield under your control. Those permanents come back if Admonition Angel leaves the battlefield.
* Explore, a sorcery which allows you to draw a card and play an extra land.
* Zendikar Avenger, an Elemental which creates 0/1 Plant creature tokens when it comes onto the battlefield.
* Wind Zendikon turns a land into a flying creature.
* Sejiri Merfolk is a blue creature which gets stronger if you control a Plains.
* Jace, Mindsculptor is a Planeswalker with mind muddling powers which you can call to your side.
Bruno Schepers Melo

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