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Lista dos Magic World Championships

Dive in to volumes of Magic history by reading in-depth coverage from past World Championships.

  • 2010: There's No Jace Like Guillaume
  • 2009: All Roads Lead to Victory for Coimbra, China
  • 2008: Malin, USA Crowned Kings of Magic
  • 2007: Peleg, Swiss Take Home World Titles
  • 2006: Mihara, Dutch Crowned World Champions
  • 2005: Japan's Crowning Achievement
  • 2003-04: Nuijten, Nassif dominate Worlds
  • 2002-03: Zink Victorious in Mirror Match
  • 2001-02: Romão Puts Brazil on Magic Map
  • 2000-01: Worlds Vet Van de Logt Breaks Through for Title
  • 1999-2000: Finkel Edges Maher in Battle of Titans
  • 1998-99: Budde's First Steps of Success
  • 1997-98: Selden, U.S. Dominate in Seattle
  • 1996-97: Slemr Triumphant
  • 1995-96: Chanpheng Crowned
  • 1994: Magic's First World Championships

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Campeonato Mundial de Magic 2011

Dias 17, 18, 19 e 20 de Novembro acontecerá o Worlds em São Francisco, EUA!

Formatos individuais:Standard, Booster Draft de Innistrad e Modern

Primeiro dia:
6 Standard Individual
2 Time

Segundo dia:
3 Booster Draft format Innistrad
3 Booster Draft format Innistrad

Terceiro dia 8:
2 Time
6 Individual Modern

Quarto dia/Top 8:
Top 8 individual Standard
Top 2 Times

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Nacional Legacy 2011 Brasil

O Nacional Legacy é atualmente o principal torneio do Brasil, tanto em quantidade de jogadores quanto em premiação organizações por uma iniciativa privada.

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[Premium Deck] Graveborn - Lista Completa!

Call Forth the Dead.

Legions of corpses await your sinister commands. This 60-card, all-foil deck entombs, exhumes, and reanimates some of the most powerful Magic creatures from all five colors of mana. Harvest your graveyard for an assortment of these face-beaters as you walk over a field of bones to claim your victory.

º 60-card premium foil deck, including 8 rare cards
º Exclusive Spindown life counter
º Foil deck box
º Strategy insert
º Magic "learn to play" guide

Deck Design and Development: David Humpherys
Release Date: November 18, 2011
MSRP: $34.99
Fonte - Arcana

As cinco cartas que podem ser vistas no produto são:
Avatar of Woe
Animate Dead
Buried Alive
Crosis, the Purger
- Lista Completa do Deck -
21 Swamp
1 Polluted Mire
1 Ebon Stronghold
1 Crystal Vein
1 Avatar of Woe
1 Crosis, the Purget
1 Inkwell Leviathan
1 Sphinx of the Steel Wind
1 Terastodon
1 Verdant Force
1 Blazing Archon
2 Putrid Imp
2 Hidden Horror
1 Faceless Butcher
1 Twisted Abomination
1 Reanimate
1 Entomb
1 Zombie Infestation
1 Cabal Therapy
2 Last Rites
2 Sickening Dreams
3 Exhume
3 Duress
3 Animate Dead
2 Buried Alive
2 Diabolic Servitude
2 Dread Return

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